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The Evit Merriman Accounts: Introduction

In the beating heart of Dakania sits the city of Blackwatch. Like any city, the streets are livened up by the murmur of conversation, and the clatter of hooves and carriage wheels on cobblestone. At night the streets are bathed in gaslight while police officers go about their lonely patrols, pretending there is nothing watching from the oppressive shadows. On a busy street next to S&D Firearms, sits a worn, two-storey shop. The sign swinging above the door depicts a wolf's head impaled by a sword with the name "MERRIMAN'S" beneath it. On the front of the building sits an old, worn door with a sign on it that reads "Cock egg disposal- 1 gram". The hinges on the door always squeak when the door is opened, despite the tender care given by the owner. Just inside lies a small office decorated heavily with trophies hanging from the walls. The space is furnished with a counter just to the left of the entrance and a small table with a couple chairs in the back right corner. On the wall opposite the counter rests the stuffed head of a great wolf with a pair of wickedly clawed hands beneath it. On the wall behind the counter hangs two more stuffed heads. The first bears the appearance of an old crone, but with preternaturally grey skin and sharp teeth, a plaque beneath it reads "HAG". The other head looks as though it belongs to a corpse, rendered rotten and bloated by submersion, the plaque reads "VODYANOI". The counter is home to several display cases home to various objects, such as the hand of a hanged man, taken from the possession of a thieving warlock, or a mummified heart pierced by a wooden stake. Behind the counter stands an almost unnaturally short man with long black hair, a well-kept goatee and intense eyes. He wears a long, heavy coat, kept open revealing a revolver and a bandoleer full of spare cylinders for it, only some of them loaded with the traditional lead. He is also equipped with a small silver dagger, an iron machete, a few grenades, and finally, a wooden stake. On his right hand, he has two rings: an iron one on the middle finger, and a silver one on the little finger. Right next to him, always within reach, sits a tall hat with a wide brim and an iron buckle on the front. There can be no mistaking the service this shop provides: if you have a problem with monsters or magic and the money to pay, then Evit Merriman can handle it for you.

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Chelsea Wyman
Chelsea Wyman
Nov 11, 2019

Omgosh, I LOVE this!!!! Amazing job!!

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