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Gone (Short Story)

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Credit: Complete the Story by Piccadilly

The wisdom of old age is a curse and a blessing. so many things I would do again for pleasure or for redemption. If I could turn a dial and go back, the first thing I would do is never tell her 'hello'. I would have walked on. I would have never looked in her direction. I would have left her to live her life and be happy. There was a chance she could have had so much more. She could have done something so wonderful with her life. She could have changed the world for all I know.

But, no. Instead I said something to her and we ended up with a love story for the books. It was so beautiful. We went on a few dates and our feelings blossomed so quickly. It wasn't long before I asked her to marry me. And shortly after the picture perfect ceremony, we found out we were expecting a beautiful baby girl. I just knew she would look like her mother. I would have to fight the boys away when she was a teenager. She would go to college and be so successful.

But, we never met that baby. We lost her just a few weeks before she was to join us. Then, her mother went through so much pain. Not just the birth, but in her head. Something in her head told her she wasn't enough and that she didn't deserve to be a mother. That was so far from the truth. She would have been the greatest mother. I told her we would try again no matter how long it took.

We never got that chance.

Just four months after we lost the baby, my lovely Abigail took her own life.

The medicine, the therapy, everything. We tried it all. None of it helped her and none of it is helping me. I just wanted to join them for so long. But, I knew I couldn't. I knew they would want me to keep going. So, I did. It's been almost sixty years since they passed. And I think it's finally my time to join them.

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