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“The press conference opened with some softball questions, like “Why did your team gene splice a giant squid with a great white shark?”, but it went downhill from there. Of course, the questions were warranted after…” the lab had applied for grants and reprieve from certain ethics codes in an attempt to end world hunger.

People were angry, even when it came to highly productive scientific research meant to end the starvation of the entire planet. In fact, these feelings and over-extended ethics were the cause of so many food deserts and the deaths of so many around the globe. Well intentioned as they were, the mass graves, filled with the malnourished blood of millions, were on the hands of those asking these legitimate questions.

It didn’t take much convincing to force the lab to shut down and render the masses entirely helpless against the world’s elite.

Nothing more could be done.

The phrase changed from “there is nothing more we can do for the dead and the living are hungry,” to “All the living will soon be dead.”

Fear is a powerful emotion, especially when you know your choices are to kills yourself, watch everyone else die and eat them, or be murdered and eaten.

The only food left was to be your friends and family.

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