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The Cure (Short Story)

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Credit: Complete the Story by Piccadilly

She had been working in the lab for decades, so long they would probably name the place after her, and she had never seen anything like this. This would change everything we thought we knew about cancer. The microbes were eating it alive. They were leaving the healthy tissue alone completely and attacking only the cancerous tissue. It would make headlines.

She would patent it as soon as she could. Yes, she would be rich because of it, but it would also be an affordable treatment available to the general public.

After thirty years of hard work, her name would go down in history. No one else had to die from cancer.

These thoughts bounced around in her head as her heart raced and finally stopped.

"No!" She yelled as her last thought.

Now, it would either be hidden or destroyed until it could be used for profit.

All her hard work was for nothing.

It was worthless.

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