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White Room (Short Story)

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Credit: Complete the Story by Piccadilly

No windows, no doors, not a single crack in the wall as far as I could tell. I had woken in this white room minutes or hours before - time seemed to have stalled - and hadn't heard a sound. If it was a dream, it wasn't like any dream I'd had before. No, this was very real. All at once, the lights went out. Now, there was nothing. No light of any kind.

I heard footsteps, but I didn't know where they were coming from. They weren't mine because I had frozen in place as soon as the lights had gone out.

"Welcome," a voice said to me. "Do you know why you're here?"

"I don't even know where 'here' is," my voice worked of it's own volition.

"Ah, well then," it replied, "welcome to Hell, young one."

"Hell? How did I end up here?" I asked.

"You don't remember?" It asked me.

"No, not at all," I answered.

"What a shame," It told me as the light filtered back in.

Hell, as it seemed to be, wasn't fire and brimstone. It was sterile, lonely, and too cold to be comfortable. And, now I was here for an eternity.

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